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Crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s

Hello lovely readers…

Do you know what? I just lived out this post i’m about to share..

Here is what happened!

I was at the tale end of a look a like content when suddenly everything I typed disappeared…



  • Sulk up and go do something less infuriating!
  • Start a fresh!

I’m sure you can guess what I did..

Now to the post. Here it goes. Hoping the inspiration flows as before.

Let’s dig in!

I have noticed something peeps!! Many don’t cross their t’s…


Keep reading…

You see there is this powerful weapon that has willed our walks from time immemorial!

I tag it the Great Factor!

The rich calls it the seat to massive exploit

The musician calls it the ladder to multiple record labels

The woman calls it the garden of colourful, rampant reverie

The optimist calls it the seat of reverberating success.

The warrior calls it the tool of mass destruction..

The scientist calls it the heart of man’s wellness

The preacher calls it the ‘who’ of the man

The child, yes the child calls it the dance of succint pleasure

The broken calls it the board of target arrows

The philosopher calls it the nectar of emotional order

The poet calls it the sea of unravelling mysteries

The ‘risen’ calls it the hoist of gound-breaking attainment

I call it the MIND

In my not-so-long ‘experienced’ life, i have seen this ‘foured’ entity floor the strong.

I have seen it build the impossible…

I have seen it outstand the dejected…

I have seen it’s ‘foured’ hands indeed..

Unfortunately, many have fallen prey to this Great Factor!

Luckily many have immersed themselves in its wealth of relevance.

The mind is a primal announcer of itself. It’s that audacious! It doesn’t lie too, neither does it discriminate.

It’s also a subject of circumstance! You cause your mind to be what is it…

The interesting fact is, I can’t ask my mind, “yo man, why did you respond in such a manner? Couldn’t you have acted solitary? Did you have to be so unbiased?”

Annoyingly it sits there watching us and we know the response, “yo chap, you made me so!”

How powerful is your mind? You, I, command the effulgence!

Your mind, your power!

Let’s Cross our t’s, Dot our i’s… Our mind is a tool that could mould us into what we want to be. Don’t undermine it’s potential dear friend and reader.

I see a army rising up

I see minds joining forces

No wind of pollution can negate

For when this ‘foured’ is righted, it builds a crystal harder than the diamond.

I love love love that you stopped by. Build your mind never to give up.

A you-me cubicle:

Lovely readers, it was an honour having you again. Thankfully, I willed my mind to a resilient stance today.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

It brought me great joy you are here to listen to this EGG-xiting announcement!Unleashing the EGG-xitement..

That’s right. Starting a new series this new week.

Hold your breathe..

As usual it can only be possible with your help. I’ll really treasure your presence…

<hugs and kisses>

Love you all..


I love to write. I love to sing. I love you. I mean it!

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    I just met DeeVee and her blog is so full of that energy that leaves you feeling good. This post is all about How we use our Minds…It is the one tool that can birth new ideas, change your life and worlds forever! Are you maximizing the potential of that divine tool- Your Mind? Visit DeeVee’s blog to read more exciting poems and thoughts.
    Adebisi Adetunji(C)

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