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In the light of my eyes

Truthfully, I have missed my life here. Hysterically, things have been typically weird because I go out there and discover a world I can see in a new light.

You know when you look out there and you discover things don’t quite match up to the way you had presumed they were? The obviousness of it all puts your Sanity and all its essence to shame!

I’m sitting before the screen now and I think, “Whoever has it all together? Whoever can have it together?” We only have our own quota to invest and leave every thing else to play out.

I started a series earlier and I had such big plans for it. Then I fizzle out just because I’m too lazy to sit down and write? Or is it because the gadgets I depended on went all “wrecked” at the same time?

Oh for the love of Integrity and equity!

Is there ever an excuse that sits right with the repercussions?

We have a responsibility to our own selves and others! We can’t keep shedding so many weights around and not attempt to lift anything.

I posted a picture on facebook and had started yet another 20 days series I called “Ageless God”. It had meant to be a poetic explosion! Continuity had been de riguer!

After some 4 days of inexcusable discontinuity I finally posted. Someone commented and said, “Finally, you unleash Day 6 (the next day I was supposed to have posted five days earlier), I waited endlessly for it”

Something hit me!

How many persons have I let down in such a way? How many have waited for me to just do it, consistently? How many had been disappointed because I stopped half way?

We always have everything else to blame for our “not doing it”.

  • We blame the Sun for not going out,

“Oh it rained all day today. I couldn’t go out to finish what i had intended to do”

  • We cast stones at people,

“He/she doesn’t just like me. I can’t function properly because he’s there to always soil everything”

  • We blame the country,

“Everything has gone so crazy out there. No one does anything right anymore. Can you believe it? We are at a 29% inflation? How can anyone ever make profit”

  • We castigate even ourselves,

“I’m not good enough! Someone else is better! I can’t just do it right.”

I will buttress on this because I was once in this pit too! I can’t make awesome music videos, though I write songs and terribly love to sing; because someone out there does a better job at it. Yet people a little bit less better off make the audience stop to listen! The more I think about it, that was so egocentric and uptight of me! All simply nonsense!

I also don’t write books even though the idea keeps pouring out because I think, “What’s good about what i have to offer anyways?” That’s selfish of me! Someone out there yearns for the good my not-so-experienced lively and poetic hands have to offer.

  • Finally, we blame God! He sits up there just watching us mess things up as He puts opportunities right before our faces every single day.

I’m sick and tired of myself doing the same things every single day without results!

I want to “right” things out!

I want to see the world through my own eyes from now.

I want to take the responsibility; not just imagine it is what I presume will happen that materializes! I want to plant beans and agree with the fact that I’ll definitely harvest beans, not anymore expecting to reap Apples.

The world is waiting! Someone out there is in dire need of my “waking up”

He looks through the window everyday, hoping to espy my raised banner and I’ve failed him every single time!

I hope and know I’m not too late.

For you who have waited. For me who has waited unconsciously for this launch, I apologise in dripping tears.

I did not post this to make a stir. It was meant for that special person who has waited earnestly for the “world through my eyes”


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Trumpet of Silence

My me (check out meaning on The Great Factor) creep into a corner 

I hear my ‘usually staying legs’ wander 

There’s a building tempest in my ‘cauldron of noiseless’

The shells are snapping out into sections of intentional packets

I watch as my castle gives way

Someone drop a pin nearby too loud to miss

Those wayward drops won’t listen

I blow my trumpet..

A you-me cubicle:

Thanks for stopping by. You’ve brought me so much joy. Thanks to all those who’ve shown appreciation for my work. God bless your hearts..

Have you ever had a growing silence that is all trumpet in the inside? That’s what this post is about.

Let me hear from you in the comment box. 

. .hugs and kisses.. 


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SAD-A letter from a friend to a friend that I know is a friend

You don’t give me a ear

I try to come close and you look the other way

You tell your other friends “oh, I just happen to know him, it’s nothing”

You trail sharp tongues through my fragile template in successions, minding not that I can feel too

You toss a noise of smelly eggs on my sight and think I’ll understand..

I sent you a host of ‘recallers’ but you chose to not admit the glassy truth

I’m not here to banter too many words, just know you gave me a new meaning to the word ‘sad’.

Hey dearest, these words drove me to tears.

My fragile heart normally cannot remain the same after a train of words like that…

I’m sorry but episode 2 wouldn’t be coming up today. I feel no ‘jovial’ inspiration and I don’t want to soil your mood…

Still love you all. Will see you tomorrow hopefully..

…hugs and kisses…


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Goodly Obsession on two fronts..

I look to the door for a chance to fly. I’m hooked here yet my anchor got locked up in a deep not far away.

I delude my selfish mind of a not so distant arousal when my stedfast gaze is on a dreamy playlet..

There’s a blunt sword coming at my face, aimed to stab me in. I sit and wait for a train when my plane just pass by.

Mama told me yesterday how a lion gave up a leopard in a hot chase after a rat.

I’m holding on to life when no one else is breathing around me.

Can you blame me or them, we just got goodly obsessed on two fronts..

Thanks for stopping by dear friend.

Just for a reminder.

Pls don’t forget to stop by for my new series…Unleashing the EGG-xitement

Loads of love.

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<hugs and kisses>

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Crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s

Hello lovely readers…

Do you know what? I just lived out this post i’m about to share..

Here is what happened!

I was at the tale end of a look a like content when suddenly everything I typed disappeared…



  • Sulk up and go do something less infuriating!
  • Start a fresh!

I’m sure you can guess what I did..

Now to the post. Here it goes. Hoping the inspiration flows as before.

Let’s dig in!

I have noticed something peeps!! Many don’t cross their t’s…


Keep reading…

You see there is this powerful weapon that has willed our walks from time immemorial!

I tag it the Great Factor!

The rich calls it the seat to massive exploit

The musician calls it the ladder to multiple record labels

The woman calls it the garden of colourful, rampant reverie

The optimist calls it the seat of reverberating success.

The warrior calls it the tool of mass destruction..

The scientist calls it the heart of man’s wellness

The preacher calls it the ‘who’ of the man

The child, yes the child calls it the dance of succint pleasure

The broken calls it the board of target arrows

The philosopher calls it the nectar of emotional order

The poet calls it the sea of unravelling mysteries

The ‘risen’ calls it the hoist of gound-breaking attainment

I call it the MIND

In my not-so-long ‘experienced’ life, i have seen this ‘foured’ entity floor the strong.

I have seen it build the impossible…

I have seen it outstand the dejected…

I have seen it’s ‘foured’ hands indeed..

Unfortunately, many have fallen prey to this Great Factor!

Luckily many have immersed themselves in its wealth of relevance.

The mind is a primal announcer of itself. It’s that audacious! It doesn’t lie too, neither does it discriminate.

It’s also a subject of circumstance! You cause your mind to be what is it…

The interesting fact is, I can’t ask my mind, “yo man, why did you respond in such a manner? Couldn’t you have acted solitary? Did you have to be so unbiased?”

Annoyingly it sits there watching us and we know the response, “yo chap, you made me so!”

How powerful is your mind? You, I, command the effulgence!

Your mind, your power!

Let’s Cross our t’s, Dot our i’s… Our mind is a tool that could mould us into what we want to be. Don’t undermine it’s potential dear friend and reader.

I see a army rising up

I see minds joining forces

No wind of pollution can negate

For when this ‘foured’ is righted, it builds a crystal harder than the diamond.

I love love love that you stopped by. Build your mind never to give up.

A you-me cubicle:

Lovely readers, it was an honour having you again. Thankfully, I willed my mind to a resilient stance today.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

It brought me great joy you are here to listen to this EGG-xiting announcement!Unleashing the EGG-xitement..

That’s right. Starting a new series this new week.

Hold your breathe..

As usual it can only be possible with your help. I’ll really treasure your presence…

<hugs and kisses>

Love you all..